The plan forward.

Greetings everyone!

With this post, I want to share more information from behind the scenes about our re-launch, and the plan forward!

Firstly, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has connected over the last 3 weeks. A special thanks goes out to those who supported us at Running and maintaining a server is expensive. Your donations will help us pay for good hardware, purchase plugins and eventually invest into advertising.

I want to apologize for the playing experience not being on par to MineFrost’s standards. Although we didn’t have to start from scratch, there was a lot of re-building of the old MineFrost’s setup to get it up to date and functioning again. Combined with adding several new features, getting things worked out took longer than expected. A majority of the work was the setup of the infrastructure behind the scenes so that we are ready for new players and features. We’re happy to say–when it comes to the SkyBlock server–we’ve worked out most of the kinks, and we can now focus on adding cool new features rather than fixing the state the server was in.

To help the community stay up to date to all the changes that impact gameplay, we have created a #changelog channel on discord where we will post weekly updates. You can also find those updates with more detail here.

As we got the SkyBlock server to a state that we are mostly happy with, we can now dedicate more of our attention to your suggestions, adding more gamemodes, and most importantly growing the server.

How we want to grow.

Although we are a server with a long history, a lot of our players have left over the years. Growing a server is immensely difficult without spending literally tens of thousands of dollars on advertising, but it is not impossible. We’ve done it before, and we are ready to do it again.

Our primary focus until now was getting the server to a state that players would enjoy playing on, but now we want to get our name out there. We have several ideas on how to attract players:

  • Server listing sitesvoting for us on server listing sites through /vote has historically been the best way to get new players. Voting in-game gets you cool rewards, but every vote counts towards our overall score. The higher we get placed on these server listing sites, the more attention we get from new players who might find and join our server.
  • Social Media – the potential for viral content has changed the landscape of advertising greatly. We plan to post a ton of content daily tailored to people who play Minecraft. You may have seen a lot of Minecraft content go viral. If we link our discord or an easy way for players to find our server through that content, converting even a small % of players will be great.
  • Paid advertising – Sponsored slots on server listing sites go for up to $30,000 per two weeks. Those slots are therefore out of our reach. At least for now, but there are other way to pay for advertising that we can afford. We’ll be partnering with a marketing agency to help us run paid plans on social media & relevant Minecraft sites.
  • Influencer collaborations – We want to have an aggressive strategy for promotion through small content creators. Larger content creators ask for thousands of dollars upfront per video, but we hope to target a large amount of smaller creators and offer them codes to get a % share revenue from our donation store without having to pay them upfront. We believe if we offer very lucrative percentages of donations they bring to the server – they will be motivated to create content for us even without upfront payments.
  • Referral rewards – Word of mouth is a very important way of growing a server, and especially one that is focused on being community driven. We are super grateful when you share our server with your friends, but to reward you for it we are introducing in-game rewards as well!
  • Minecraft related blog/SEO – We want to turn our website into a Minecraft related blog and post content that would be beneficial to everyone who likes Minecraft, not just our player base. We hope to also find new players through this.

Your feedback.

We value your feedback and input the most. It’s been immensely helpful to receive bug reports, suggestions and other ideas for the server. We are forever grateful to those who help us make the server gameplay better & the community a better place. Please continue getting in touch with us through our discord #support channel to voice anything that’s on your mind.

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