Rebuilding the MineFrost Network.

To whom it may concern,

The inherent purpose of this project is to restore MineFrost’s legacy. MineFrost’s incredibly rich history and its name have been tainted by several recent years of unsuccessful attempts at restoring its former spirit. At a certain point, I adopted other priorities in life. As a result, desperate measures were taken in hopes of increasing its longevity from the fear of letting the server go, which ironically only accelerated its perishment altogether.

As the original founder of the MineFrost network, I am well aware of the incredible impact this community has had on everyone who has ever been a part of it. Many players, myself included, have literally grown up alongside the server. Acknowledging this has sparked a new wave of passion for rebooting this community, and once again creating a lighthearted environment, where anyone—no matter their background—can log on and share their enjoyment of the game with others.

The plan forward.

As some of you may know, the intricacies of running an efficient ecosystem around a Minecraft server are extremely complex. Usually the result of thousands of hours of work and adopting best practices through trial and error over the course of several years. There are hundreds of items on the to-do list ranging from areas such as the internal backend structures to crafting a marketing strategy and all the details in between. We will launch at a state that will require a lot of feedback from you.

How can you help?

Our aim is to involve the community as much as possible from the start and every step of the way. For starters, we will need to create an A-star team. We need individuals who can help us with the backend, plugin development, web development, business strategy, marketing strategy, and community outreach. If you feel like you are knowledgeable in any of these areas, and you want to be a part of the cause — please reach out to us here! If you still want to help but don’t want to commit to being on the team, we will have many opportunities for you, whether it will be at a time when we need reviewers, testers, or just your opinion about any aspect of the server we want to hear from you!

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