The snowballs update

Greetings, MineFrost community!

We are thrilled to announce a frosty new update to your favorite Minecraft server,! Brace yourselves for a winter wonderland of fun as we introduce the all-new Snowballs Currency and /snowshop!

🌨️ Introducing the Snowballs Currency

Snowballs are a way to purchase various perks across the MineFrost servers. You can get them by voting or on They will also be given as rewards from events or crates!

Your /snowballs balance is GLOBAL! Which means you share the same snowballs balance across all servers on the MineFrost Network.

You can trade snowballs with other players by typing /snowballs send <name> <amount>.

Type /snowballs help in-game for more information!

❄️ Introducing the /snowshop

The /snowshop is an in-game store where you can trade your snowballs for in-game money, perks, commands, kits and cosmetics!

The /snowshop is divided into the GLOBAL and SERVER sections. The GLOBAL category currently holds cosmetics and pets as those are available across ALL servers on the MineFrost network upon purchase. Depending on which server you are on you will see a localized server /snowshop where you can purchase perks for that specific server.

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