If you get banned or muted, appeal here.

You can only fill an appeal for mutes over 1 day and bans over 3 days, if it's less, you will need to wait it out.

Punishments; Punishments vary on the severity of the offence(s). If you feel your punishment was unjustified, exaggerated, and/or carried out with a bias opinion, please fill a report against that particular staff member.

Please use common sense, stating that you feel that your ban was "just too long" is not acceptable, and your claim will be automatically denied, and no further investigation will be carried out. If you wish to address the owner himself in your report, please mention that in your post, and tag him.To get a general idea about punishments, please view our online database, visit this page, it updates automatically every 30 seconds, and offers player lookup and stores useful information about the offence and the punishment carried out.