Welcome to MineFrost

Whether you are an old-timer or new here we want to welcome you with excitement!

MineFrost started as a community Minecraft server in 2014. Since then we had some turbulent years, but our strength comes from our community, and we want to embrace that as much as possible. We have relaunched our game servers & aim to become a valuable resource for the Minecraft community as a whole through creating content.

spawn of the minefrost network

Rebuilding the MineFrost Network

Our goal is to bring back the network of servers many of you called home. We launched with our SkyBlock server, but Survival is soon to follow!

These three core pillars will dictate our decisions forward.


At MineFrost, we will prioritize building a strong and welcoming community where players can make friends, collaborate on projects, and have fun together.

Our goal is to create a safe and inclusive space where all players feel valued and supported, and where everyone is treated with respect and kindness.


In addition to the wide range of gameplay options, we will also regularly host events and challenges to keep things interesting and encourage players to try new things.

Our goal is to create a fun and exciting environment where players can let loose and have a good time.

Design & Quality

We will focus on offering high-quality, lag-free gameplay and regularly updating and improving the server to provide the best experience possible.

Our goal is to create a seamless player experience where your only worry will be having as much fun as possible without any distractions.

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Stay up to date through our blog.

We will post about our progress, and plans for the future and even include general Minecraft and fun tips.

Common Questions

Unfortunately, we were unable to recover any of the saved files from any of the previous versions of MineFrost. We are truly sorry as we are aware many of you have put hundreds of hours of playtime into creating some of the most magnificent structures on the different maps, but after years of inactivity, even our backups were lost.

Going forward, we will have a transparent backup solution in place to ensure your work will never be fully lost again.

Similar to the answer above, we no longer have complete access to our rank databases; therefore, we cannot confidently restore everyone’s earned or purchased ranks. As the last purchases on our webstore have been made well over a year ago we are also physically unable to process any refunds.

This will be a fresh start for old and new players alike – which we believe will benefit the community in the long term as well.

We are live now! Join through play.minefrost.net

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