How do I apply for staff?

Type /apply in game and follow the instructions.

How do I delete/restart my island?

If you are joining another island then the owner of the other island must /is invite you. If you are restarting your island do /is restart.

How do I acquire a donor rank?

Type /donate or /buy.

How do I craft/make ~insert item name here~?

Type /recipe ~item name~.

How do I make money?

Sell items at /shop, vote with /vote, or work for other players.

How do I make an oregen?

Simple, just make a basic cobblestone generator, and ores will appear. Alternatively, you can do /mine, or if you are a donor, /warp donormine.

How do I mine spawners?

Use a silk touch pickaxe on the spawner. Note: You cannot harvest spawners from the nether.

How do I get spawners?

Type /shop, and walk into the food farm. Past the food farm you will find the black market. They are sold there. Alternatively, type /donate or /buy to donate for them.

How do I change my island biome?

Type /is, and then click the sapling. You can then select the biome of your choice. Note: For the biome to update, all players of the island must relog.

How do I join the mob arena?

Type /ma j ~mob arena~. At the moment, we have one arena, caves.

When do the Nether and the End reset?

They are not bound to set dates for a reset. The dates may vary by days, weeks, or months.

How do I get my friend unbanned?

Tell them to make an appeal at

Are there any other MineFrost servers besides Skyblock?

Yes, however they are both works in progress.

Is there a MineFrost team speak?

Indeed there is. The IP is

Where is keep inventory enabled/disabled?

It is disabled on your island and any island you are a coop player on. It is also disabled in the Nether and the End. However, in PvP and on islands you are not a coop player, keep inventory is enabled.

Where is PvP enabled?

At /warp pvp and in the End. Note: Items will be lost if you die during PvP in the End.

Can ~insert plugin here~ be added to the server?

No one can answer this definitively besides Cap. To suggest a plugin, please do so on the forums. Suggestions are always welcomed.