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Discussion in 'Ban / Mute Appeals' started by Sean Gillies, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. Sean Gillies

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    Mar 31, 2020
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    Hey my friend DaddyStoof was recently banned on this minefrost server. We were strip mining and when we went back to our houses he was banned for x-raying. He has not x-rayed at all in this mine craft server. I would like to get this fixed because me and him have spent a lot of time on this server and he got banned for absolutely no reason because someone thought he was xraying for diamonds
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    This might help

    In-game name:
    Link to your infractions record:
    Exact reason for Mute / Ban as said on record:
    Do you believe this was an incorrect ban / mute?:
    Why do you think you were banned / muted:
    What rule do you think you broke:
    Why do you think you should be unbanned / unmuted:

    Also staff was looking at him while he was hacking.
    Please tell player who was banned to apply not someone.
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    1. Please use the format stickied to the forum section.
    2. UncleStoof* needs to make his own appeal.
    3. Since I was the one who banned him, I'll share my details about the incident. I was spectating UncleStoof and watched him continuously look into the walls swiveling his head and proceeding to mine off in very unusual directions and patterns resulting in diamonds and other ores. As well, in one case, he found a vein of diamonds, broke it, and proceeded to instantly uncover the diamond hiding away from the rest of the vein. I have experience in older versions using texture packs to x-ray on private servers with buddies and know what an x-ray tunnel looks like compared to a strip-mining tunnel.
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