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    Hello everyone!

    It is our pleasure to announce that we have decided to contribute to the #teamtrees movement as a server and a community. For the entire month of November, 10% of all donations received will go towards the fundraiser in order to collectively plant as many trees as possible.

    Additionally, in the following days we will create in-game events related to this fundraiser and some fun games for players to compete in.​

    If you want any more information on what the #teamtrees movement is, please visit this wikipedia page. Additionally, you can contact us directly via email for any questions you have at

    We appreciate anyone who will participate in the fundraiser and the related activities this month. Let's plant some trees!​

    With love,
    MineFrost Staff
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    Was thinking of buying an upgrade at some point, glad to see a server supporting causes, a rare sight but a good one :)
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