Resolved (Suggestion) Spambot problem

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Server Discussion' started by SmartTabby, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. SmartTabby

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    Dec 6, 2016
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    Dear Minefrost Staff,
    When I tried to do "/warp shop" the server made me input random codes before I could preform another command or speak. I don't understand why typing "/warp shop" makes the server think I'm a spambot.

    I have a few questions about the "Spambot" plugin;

    1. Would repeating a command also set the bot off?
    2. Why can players repeat similar chat messages if the goal is to reduce spam?
    Ex: SmartTabby was able to say "test" twice in chat
    3. Other than to prevent spam in chat what is the purpose of making such a long command?
    Ex: (!) Please type 'RYPB3D' to continue sending messages/commands.
    4. When "/warp shop" is typed why would players need to "slow down chat"

    I looked through the ban history of the server and "Spammers" seem to be a problem for survival. The server might need to take some preventative action against people that spam, but as a player being forced to type letters and numbers after failing a command seems excessive.

    I would like to suggest that the spambot plugin should become more fine tuned to only mess with "spammers"
    Ex: Steve repeats the same message in chat
    Ex: Alex says a word that is put on a "filter list"
    Ex: Steve uses commands fast

    This annoyance of having to type codes to even play the game makes the server, for me, frustrating. I would like to politely ask that the system used to prevent spamming rather than make players suffer for typing a wrong command in chat.

    Best regards,
  2. Zagrid

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    Jan 26, 2016
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    I had this issue too and for now I think the command might be glitched so /shop will be a good replacement and just avoid /warp shop until they can find out what the issue is.
  3. minefrost1

    minefrost1 Senior Member
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    Oct 2, 2014
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    There was an error in the command /warp shop that should be fixed. (Since we use two warps plugins, one for playerwarps and normal essentials for server warps, another plugin filters out when you ask to be warped to shop, crates etc). However it's much quicker to do /shop which opens a gui shop wherever you are :)

    I am working to "fine tune" all of the chat anti-spambot stuff. Thank you for pointing out these problems
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