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    »Age:16 (30/11/2002)

    » Timezone:GMT (United Kindom)

    » How long have you been playing Minecraft: Ive been playing minecraft since 2012

    » Previous staff experiences:I was a Jr.Admin on a server called Minefrost. I wish I didn’t decide to take a break.

    »How long have you been playing on our server: Longer than all staff currently (except Cap)

    » Are you active on our Discord: Yes, everyday!

    » What times you are most active: When I'm active-

    Sunday - All day (Unless busy)
    Monday - 2100+
    Tuesday - 1600+
    Wednesday - 1500+
    Thursday - 1600+
    Friday - 1500+
    Saturday - All day (Unless Busy)
    There will be sometimes I won’t be able to get online due to training with cadets.

    »Link to infractions record (If any)» I’m a good girl :)

    »When was the last time you submitted an application: 2016 (when I was accepted last time)

    » Why do you want to become a Helper: I want to become staff again as I think the server needs the Beach back for all support.

    » Why should we choose you: Keeby won’t miss me any more... well everyone won’t miss me any more

    » Additional information you might want to add:I won’t be able to be active as much as I used to be, due to School, College, Army and family. But with the time I’ve got free I’ll be able to play on minefrost.

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