Accepted [Smartalec9] Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban / Mute Appeals' started by Alex Rez, Oct 9, 2016.

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  1. Alex Rez

    Alex Rez Guest

    In-game name: Smartalec9
    Link to your infractions record:
    Exact reason for Mute / Ban as said on record: You have been banned from this server for Advertising Server
    Do you believe this was an incorrect ban / mute?: Yes,because I wasn't advertising for the 'server' in chat on Minefrost. I was using a different source to communicate, because I know advertising is not tolerated at all. I was 'advertising' for my server because I needed some help with commands, and build spawn and such.
    Why do you think you were banned / muted:Because i was advertising for my server
    What rule do you think you broke:Advertising for another server
    Why do you think you should be unbanned / unmuted: I think I should be unbanned because i think this was an incorrect ban. I was simply trying to ask staff if they can help me with my server.
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  2. maxdublob313

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    Nov 14, 2014
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    /Accept You were asking people to check it out thru pm's but please don't do it again.
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