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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Artissa, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Artissa

    Artissa Senior Member

    Oct 5, 2014
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    I understand that the new server was created with the intention of being less OP than the original skyblock but I think in some areas its TOO difficult especially considering the lack of players to ask for help.

    I think we should be able to buy more items from the shop rather than just being able to sell. I also think a donor shop should be added.
    When I first started I lost my only pumpkin seed and I couldn't continue with the challenges until someone else got on and I could ask them for one considering I couldn't buy one from the store.

    I also think that the vote, crate and fishing rewards should be increased, not heavily but $100 for 1st place in the comp gives nobody motivation to actually win. If you make the prizes worth receiving you'll find that more people will want to participate. (same goes for voting obviously)

    These are just my opinions and things I find would make the game more enjoyable :) if I think of anything else I'll be sure to add it.
  2. Magarathin

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    Sep 16, 2015
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    There is no need for a donor shop. Donor and timed rank price modifications are taken into account automatically.

    Price modifications are currently (on both skyblock servers):
    - Donor: 5%
    - Timed A: 4%
    - Timed B: 3%
    - Timed C: 2%
    - Timed D: 1%
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  3. keeby3

    keeby3 Admin
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    Mar 22, 2015
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    I agree that vote, crate and fishing rewards should be amended to keep in line with the economy, I'll talk about it with the others and see what they think.
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  4. Narutopkmn

    Narutopkmn Newly Registered

    Dec 2, 2019
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    I'd really like to see a lot of items added that are able to be bought, it's really unfortunate that certain mob drops can't be purchased like slime balls as they take a large amount of time to farm for and are usually mostly for projects or cosmetic uses.

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