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Discussion in 'Content Creator Applications' started by Techno_Panda, Aug 26, 2019.

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    Before submitting an application for Content Creator rank, read this thread carefully.

    Overall Requirements:
    • Have actively played on the server for a minimum of 1 week, you have intention to be an active part of our community.
    • An active channel (have uploaded videos that have been uploaded recently).
    • We will only give out a single rank per channel in most cases. If you are a gaming duo or trio, you may need more subscribers/followers in order to get the rank for all of the involved players.
    • You MUST say in the server when START and STOP recording (Privacy reasons)
    Twitch Requirements:
    • You need too have 2+ videos on MineFrost over a 2 week period for us to accept your application.
    • You MUST be Affiliate for us to accept your application.
    Youtube Requirements:
    • A reasonable number of views per video.
    • You MUST have over 100+ Subscribers to receive the rank.
    • You need too have 3+ videos on MineFrost for us to accept your application.
    • Your videos are watchable: at least at 720p and above 40fps.

    • Make your application detailed, explain your argument.
    • Use proper English grammar, spelling and punctuation.
    • Make your application look neat and tidy. [So example use colors or pictures or even add a video from your channel that you have posted...But if its of a different server then please dont]


    • Follow the application template, or your application will be automatically denied.
    • Do not bug any staff member about your application, or it will be automatically denied
    • Do not post your thread multiple times.
    • Do not mention the names of other servers that you have recorded on, on your application [if you have]
    • If you have been denied for some reason please do not bug staff about it.
    • Please wait 2 weeks after being denied to re-apply for the rank.
    • :The YouTube rank prefix next to your name so like this: [YouTube] [Beachbab123]If you have any warnings/bans with anything your rank gives you, the rank will be removed from you permanently, without making another application.
    • To keep the rank you must publish content regularly.
    • The point in the rank is for those that publish content on our server. (some acceptions may be made)


    What the rank gives you:
    /nick (colored)
    /fly on Skyblock (on Islands)
    /fly on Survival (overworld only)
    The YouTube rank prefix next to your name so like this: [YouTube] [Beachbab123]
    Twitch rank prefix next to your name so like this: [Twitch] [Beachbab123]


    Please use the following template: Thread Title: [Content Creator Rank] <IGN>

    » IGN:
    » How long have you been playing on our server:
    » Link to infractions record (If any):
    » Media
    » Why do you want to have the rank?
    » Additional information you might want to add:
    » Link to channel:
    » Number of


    Still Confused?

    • If you need any more assistance, a member of our staff team should be able to help. Either send them a message on the forums, email [], or talk to them on the server. We will try our very best to answer any questions and queries you bring to us as quickly as possible.
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