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    Mining minions are available on the skyblock servers.

    Each player can have 1 active mining minion. The minion will mine the 5 blocks directly in front of it. The ability to purchase a minion is gained with the Timed Rank C. To purchase a minion buy one from the /minion shop.

    To place the minions, with minion egg in hand, right click the top of the block in front of the blocks you want mined while facing said blocks. The minion will continue mining until there are no blocks or has run out of health.

    Each minion has 100 health and 25 hunger/food.
    When mining, your minion loses hunger. The minion will lose 1 hunger for every 5 blocks mined. When it loses all its hunger it takes away a health point. When the health reaches 0 the minion will die.
    You can feed your minion with Bread, Steak and Cooked Chicken.

    • Bread = 1 Hunger
    • Steak = 5 hunger
    • Cooked Chicken = 3 hunger
    You can feed your minion a golden apple to restore health points.

    When a minion dies, it goes away and can not be recovered.

    Right clicking the placed minion will open up the minion GUI. You can check it's stats here, link chests for health and hunger restoration, and toggle the mining for Silk Touch. The Silk Touch option opens with Timed Rank A.

    To pick up your minion, shift and right-click the minion.

    Happy mining!
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