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    » IGN: Psychology_

    » Age: 19

    » Time zone: EST (Eastern Standard Time)

    » How long have you been playing Minecraft: Since 2010 somewhere around there

    » Previous staff experiences: Moderator on a skyblock server, and helper on here.

    » How long have you been playing on our server: 3 years almost. Found the server through a friend that was searching for servers for us to play on and boom minefrost right in our faces.

    » Are you active on our Discord: No but I will if I am required to do so.

    » What times you are most active: Everyday from 5pm till 2am.

    » Link to infractions record (If any):

    » When was the last time you submitted an application: Apr 21, 2016

    » Why do you want to become a Helper: I want to join your staff team cause I want to help the server and the rest of the staff make the server a better place and make sure everything is going alright and no one is misbehaving and causing others to leave or not have fun playing the server and it would seem fun to be part of this nice and awesome team of staff that has been all nice so far as I have seen on the server and it has been a great time and I want to make sure that all other players will also have a great time with great staff and have fun on this server and don't just want to leave right after coming and I want to help players with questions that need help which I am already doing my best at while I'm writing this application for you and of course help players that have been griefed or just don't understand the server and its awesome features so that they can all have fun playing minefrost and don't have to worry about what just happened to them and just can continue having fun without all the complications of wondering what to do. and make sure that no one is misusing any features that are not supposed to be a part of the server to gain a unfair advantage over others by using glitches and make sure no one is gaining a unfair advantage over other by using mods or hacked clients while in pvp or in general. and of course just have fun with the players and the staff maybe we can even have some special events where people can win special customized items to have even more fun and make it more fun in general. and make sure no other staff members of your team are abusing their powers to annoy innocent players or other illegal activities that are not allowed by the owner and make sure to keep it fun for the players and also the rest of the staff team to be staff and don't want to resign from their position because its too hard with the abusing.

    » Why should we choose you: My responsibilities would be to help new players or any player that needs help with anything he might need help with on the server. and protect the server from anyone that may want to harm the server in any way, shape or form. and help the server staff with anything they may need help with and help making the server better by finding bugs, glitches or anything wrong. Stop hackers, Xrayers, griefers, spammers, advertisers, and I have to make sure that the server runs smoothly and that no other staff members are abusing there powers on innocent players or that any staff member or normal players are disrespecting any player or staff member in anyway or that anyone try's to break rules or try to Annoy other players on the server or try's to swear or avoid the swear filter. and I need to help make the server a fun and a safe place for everyone to enjoy playing Minecraft on and not be annoyed on or griefed or abused. there isn't a lot of difference though I'm not better than them in anyway I have just been trusted with the power to help them and make sure they are having fun and I have decided to dedicate some of my time to help make the server a better place for all the normal players on the server and make sure the server it self stays safe from any harm people might do to it and help the staff and answer any questions the players may have while playing on the server and make sure no one wants to leave the server because they are not having fun on the server because something isn't working right or if there is someone ruining the server for others that try to have fun on the server and cant because of this person that is making the server less fun. I need to make sure that everything is working right and that the server is alright and fine. so that everyone can play without having to become angry because stuff doesn't work and they don't know why it wont work.

    » Additional information you might want to add: I would be happy to help the server even if I do not get accepted I will continue to keep helping the players and making the server just a bit more fun than it already is. I am also on discord as Psychology_

    » Staff recommendations:
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    Its been ages sense you were last on and you said your self you quit
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