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    » IGN:
    My In Game Name is JuneJr.

    » Age:
    I am 19 years old, Sr in high school.

    » Timezone:

    GMT-7 I live in Washington States.

    » How long have you been playing Minecraft:

    I lost count of that, but I have been playing ever since 1.4 was out.

    » Previous staff experiences:

    Was Mod on a small survival server, if you want more information about the server feel free to DM me.

    » How long have you been playing on our server:

    I have been playing on the server ever since 2016 December, yes i remember.

    » Are you active on our Discord:

    Not at the time, but I can be if any of you guys need me. You can also emil me or text me on my phone.

    » What times you are most active:

    Monday-Thursday: Can't play because I need to focus on school, also I'm doing football, which means I have practice after school. normally when I get home it will be 8-9 pm. I need to good rest so I just go fix myself something to eat, then go to bed. Wakes up around 5 in the morning to workout for an hour or two. After that I will go home and take shower and get dressed, then go to school.
    Friday: It will be busy for me, we most likely have football games, but when I come back I will be able to play on Minefrost.
    Saturday-Sunday: I can play all day, we do not have practice and weekend is when I relax.

    » Link to infractions record (If any):
    N/A I'd like to keep it that way to set up a good example.

    » When was the last time you submitted an application:
    The last time I applied was 25 June, 2018.

    » Why do you want to become a Helper:

    There's a lot reason I want to become a Helper.
    First of all I love helping people, that's my job even if I'm not a staff. I love and enjoy seeing peoples faces and their reaction after I helped them. I'm also a very helpful in real life, I do a lot of volunteer works. I'm in my JROTC program. we do a lot of stuff for the community. For example we go to some theme park to help them clean up, show them directions all that kinds good stuff.

    Second reason is I am a good leader, I'm the EO for my school. EO my job is take control of all the staff, making sure they're doing what they're supposed to do. I make sure things don't mess up. I'm a very serious person, but I'm also a lay back person, so a lot people like my personality.

    Last reason is just simple. I love adventure, so I want to join our staff team, and make it better than ever. I will support the server with all my might. make sure nobody breaks the rules, everyone is happy and enjoy their stay. Join the staff team and help the community is a challenge for me, and also is something I was born to do, and something I enjoy to do. It's like my job If I enjoy doing it, I will give my best.

    » Why should we choose you:

    You should choose me because everything I said above me. I'm welling to give everything I got to help the server become better.
    Again I like to say it one more time, I love and enjoy helping people for any reason, I would walk around and ask if anyone need help, sometimes I setup giveaways to give the players some good items to help them progress their island or survival world.
    I also love to welcome to new players, possibly give them a tour if I'm not busy with buildings. before I go back to what i was doing, I love to give them some iron and other items that will help them start their island, and a little bit of cash.(Do not want to give them diamonds because that's kinda cheating, I love challenge I want to see players grow by themselves, but I will help anytime they ask)

    » Additional information you might want to add:
    I would like to thank you for taking your time to read my application. I know it's a long but short, I give my best try, if I get accepted thanks, and I will do my best to help out the server. If I get denied I can always try again later.
    Thanks again for taking your time to read my application.
    Have a great day!:)
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