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    » IGN:

    » Age:

    » Timezone:
    GMR, United Kingdom, +1

    » How long have you been playing Minecraft:
    I have been playing minecraft for around 6 years, This is through all different game modes, Factions, Skyblock, Prison, Survival, +etc, I have a large history of staffing and I know how Server die and how they become very Well Know, I Feel I would be able to help your server Immensely, This is because Your server is very nice and you have advertised your server quite well, Also because You have done a really good job making the server with different plugins, But I feel I could bring a aspect of Kindness At the moment, Because This is an application for Helper, I will have to staff chat, If I get a promotion, I would be able to help your server a lot with advertisement and more.

    » Previous staff experiences:
    I have a relatively lengthy experience with managing servers and server populations. Between being a staff member on two private servers (total of 1 years experience) and running my own medium-sized server on two separate occasions (about another year worth of experience) as well as being in the role of a "role model" rank for about 6 months to a year. This particular experience has shown me that being a staff member on a server can be very stressful, people tend to only want you to help them and get mad if you don't, as well as bombard you with requests upon seeing you. However, this is also why I love being staff on servers because I love being the person that regulates a community by solving problems; it's also why I am in law enforcement in real life. On top of this my real-life job is entirely focused on monitoring behaviours in a controlled environment and making judgement calls on when and what to do about said behaviours, bad AND good behaviours. So in total, one of the servers I have owned a server, I was staff on this server for around four months before I decided to focus more toward my work and real life. I feel that I have learned a lot of information about how to run a server after that section of my life, I also realised that a very good way of creating a great community, is to create a Public account, Maybe such as Instagram, It really allows people to chat and talk to one another. I have also been Head-Admin on a server called Plex-realms, This server helped me improve my command and taught me how to be respectful toward player and staff. I have some more experience on the side where I feel Is not that important. I have also recently been accepted for staff on a very popular server called OPcraft, I am no longer staff though, But I feel that I learned a lot concerning how to staff a server with a large amount of player which also I feel would help with staffing this server. All of the histories above is really helpful and can apply towards some benefits such as Me being able and ready to staff and help players even when they do not speak the same language or if they have are a little bit slower than other players, Also I have a lot of history dealing with hacker, I am able to ban them, I find that they feel that they are better than others, I feel I would be a good staff because I am able to put all of my problems behind me When it is needed, I wouldn't look at how many times they have been muted or punished, I would help them the same way I would treat anybody else, I also do not like giving special treatment towards player that I like, I have about 2 years of experience maintaining a Minecraft Server community and as well a year of experience with my current real-life job strictly monitoring behaviour and ensuring everything runs well and at expectations.

    » How long have you been playing on our server:#

    I have not been with your server very long, But I feel that I have been with your server long enough to learn how it works and What the players want, I feel I could bring a lot to your server even though My playtime is not very good.

    » Are you active on our Discord:

    I am quite active on discord, I do not really post but I am on discord here and their making sure no one is being bullied or Well making sure everything inside the server discord is alright.

    » What times you are most active:

    Because of my TimeZone, I feel it will really help the server because when many of the staff members are asleep I can be on staffing the server whilst maybe the Owner could be doing something else.
    Regular Weeks (When I am in school)
    » Monday - 3-4 Hours

    » Tuesday - 3-4 Hours

    » Wednesday - 2-4 Hours

    » Thursday - 3-4 Hours

    » Friday - 5-6 Hours

    » Saturday - 5-10 Hours

    » Sunday - 4-10 Hours

    » Link to infractions record (If any):
    » When was the last time you submitted an application:

    Around 2 Weeks ago, I got accepted as helper, This was on OPcraft, I can not show you the link because when I left the staff team, They informed me that If I show the application, It can lead to Permanent Ban.

    » Why do you want to become a Helper:

    I should become Helper, Because I am determined, I know I joined A little recently, But I have Ideas for your server, Which f I get accepted I can tell you a few. Also because I have a large amount of history, I have knowledge of how to staff a server, I am aware of the punishment and how to do the punishment, I know many people apply for staff Just for the commands and Just for the fun of it, But to be staff is always a small goal of Mine and I hope to take it for this server and help It grow.

    » Why should we choose you over other applicants:

    One thing that I feel sets me apart from others is that I really do have a strong passion and desire to aid others; I truly want to help out in any way possible regardless of whether I have a moderator rank or not, but having the rank allows me to use commands to help people even more. I’m also very friendly and approachable– in a staff position I do my very best to make players feel comfortable with talking to me (for any reason – help, advice, reports or just a friendly chat) and make sure that nobody feels intimidated just because of a server rank. I'm also an extremely committed staff member - I vow to never let anyone down and my activity on a server that I staff is always extremely high.

    » Additional information you might want to add:

    - I did change a few small different questions to make them more benefit for myself.
    -I am able to speak fluent English, There may be sometimes where I get nervous and I may stutter a little, I am also able to speak A little bit of Urdu, This Is quite a different language and not really used On Minecraft server but Its always good to keep that in mind that one of your staff players understand Urdu, I also speak Urdu a little with My family which luckily helps me understand people and Its always good to know different language from your own,
    -Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, I have quite a few strengths that could be useful, I am quite a good typer, I know the layout of the keyboard very well, I also know how to react to a lot of situations very quickly. I also have the ability to speak Fluent English without stuttering. I can also Pick up things quickly, I can adapt to new things and I am always happy for change or to move on. One other thing that I feel can help me is how I can put My issues behind me and focus on what happening right now. I also do know quite a lot of command and I am quite up to date.
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    Sep 22, 2019
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    Umm, Am I denied?

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