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Discussion in 'Introduce your self.' started by bluecheesepockets, Feb 27, 2020.

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    Feb 27, 2020
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    Hey I'm Trevor, A.K.A bluecheesepockets, A.K.A AuroraV6. (in-game) I'm new to the server but plan on sticking around for awhile as I haven't played Skyblock in a decent amount of time and the server doesnt seem to be to packed. If you see me in game say something, if not its all good I'll just be grinding to be the top on the server (all jokes, I suck). I am from the United States, and I just recently graduated from Highschool. Hopefully I see you around, thanks for taking the time to read up on me. By the way call me "Cheese." I think its a sick name. Also I'm not the best and I'm currently learning more and more about Skyblock as I go on. Thanks, I'm out.
  2. CutieKayScarlet

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    Aug 20, 2014
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    Hey Cheese! Enjoy your time on the server and I hope to see you around! Feel free to ask staff for anything.

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