Discussion in 'Ban / Mute Appeals' started by Nathan Gardner, Mar 31, 2020.

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    Mar 31, 2020
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    No previous infractions
    I was told that I was mining and looked suspicious while doing it because I dug in a zig zag pattern which I normally do. I have never used a xray nor do I know how to. A mod said I looked suspicious and that I found a vein of diamonds then found another one right near it. I have been on the server for a while now. I only had about 2 stacks and that was mostly because I had fortune 3 pick and a super high mining level. Correlation does not me Causation. Lots of diamonds doesnt mean I hacked
    This was incorrect and There is no evidence, it was an assumption
    I was told I was banned for xray.
    I should be unbanned because I didn't xray. I feel it is wrong to assume that I did anyway because I have no past issues on this server

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