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Discussion in 'Ban / Mute Appeals' started by sodacano, Dec 30, 2017.

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    **This is basically half appeal, half pointing out things Kaboom did wrong lmao**

    In-game name: sodacano
    Link to your infractions record: (Just remember your only looking at the ban active e.e) https://www.minefrost.net/bans/index.php?action=viewplayer&player=sodacano&server=0
    Exact reason for Mute / Ban as said on record: Hacked Client - Attemted to spawn in enchanted items
    Do you believe this was an incorrect ban / mute?: Yes, for what he typed as the reason,other than that no-ish
    Why do you think you were banned / muted: Hacked Client
    What rule do you think you broke: Hacked Client
    Why do you think you should be unbanned / unmuted:
    First of all, Kaboom spelled Attempted wrong, and any way to the point, I wasn't "Attempting to spawn in enchanted items", and in general the way that sounds is so vague that it just makes it seem like I did /enchant. It's not much attempting if you already have an item and then your just going to enchant it. Also I was making a joke about 'the most op sword in MF' and how you would basically get banned if you had it since it was so op. And so then I told Kaboom that I could make the most op sword in MF, and he tp-ed. Then I said "Oh I need creative to do it." Then he simply just did 'Mhmm' but all it sounded like was that he didn't believe me. Then he asked "Are you still using that client?" And I just said "Maybe". (think it might have been the other way around not too sure of order of events) And I was gonna then say that "Well I need creative to do it so I guess now we'll never know if there's a sword that op... lmfao" But either way Kaboom wouldn't have noticed it since he wasn't paying attention as he was (most likely) typing out the /ban. And before he could even ban me (while I was still on MF) my internet was just dead gone and it took me about 15 minutes for it to come back on (Of course I was banned by then).
    Also I'd like to take attention for a pointless warning I got from him earlier that was "Using Client. Asked to Stop". Even tho I was, I technically never said to Kaboom I was using on while ON MF. I was lagging out and then when I got it under control I said "So this is what I get for trying out a new client earlier e.e". In that sentence I never directly said I was using one, so that warning just seems a bit pointless. Also I was never exactly asked to stop that much, and the main reason I'm saying that is because by the way Kaboom typed it, it sounded like he had already asked me not to use it, when it was just now he was hearing about it for the first time. Anyway, probably not gonna get appealed, still trying lmao
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